Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Countdown is ON! 20 Days!

 The days are quickly (yet slowly at times) DIMINISHING! I will be entering the MTC in 20 DAYS and will be set apart a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ in 18 DAYS!
 I wish I could say the past few weeks have been full of Just smiles and excitement but that would only be half true. I've never experienced so many different feelings. Feelings of Happiness*Stress*Sadness*Excitement*and pretty much every other feeling under the sun :) My family would completely attest to that.
Each week I have experienced a weird circumstance and road bump. My body, mind, and spirit test me continually and most days I have to truly work on thwarting off Satan and just staying positive. I was feeling pretty discouraged and felt completely inadequate when I finally got down on my knees and Pleaded with the Lord to help me be strong and patient. I know the Lord is aware of me and I know Satan does not want me to go, at all. Sometimes I forget how well Satan knows me and he loves testing us. As difficult as it is to ignore him, the Lord is always there to help and strengthen us.
I've been so grateful for prayer and the Atonement of Christ and the strength they both give me. They're key to eternal happiness and I can't wait to share my testimony and experiences with the people of Arizona!!!! I know these experiences are for my own good (D&C 122:7) and I know i'm never given anything I can't handle. As intimidating as it is to be an ambassador of Christ I am willing to go and do as the Lord commands!!!!!!! (1 Nephi 3:7) With my whole heart!!!
  I guess my message of the day is: Life is short, so find what you believe and LIVE IT! Also Stay positive and find something each day to be grateful  for. 

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  1. Satan will do all he can to lessen your drive and diminish your spirit, because he knows you will bless lives. You will bless lives and I can't wait to hear all about it!