Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update :)

Hola everyone!

 Well in case you've seen my wobblin' around Blackfoot, I am home. BUT I am only home for about two weeks. Being me, I let myself get dehydrated and then had a fall and hit my head really hard and have a major concussion that is going to take a few weeks to heal from. The MTC isn't really a place for healing, and so i'm home to sleep, A Lot. All is well though and i'll hopefully be back ASAP!
 In the meantime while i'm laying in bed feeling completely unproductive, I thought i'd share some pictures of my amazing district that became mi familia :)

 this is the lovely curling iron burn I received from trying to iron my shirt..on...with a curling iron

Saturday morning conference! Hermana White on the far left was my companion and then me, Hermana Andreason (who also has a concussion) and Hermana Snow
 Elder Sessions Hermana White (my companion) and me. Don't mind my sickly appearance, I went to the ER right after this jajaja
                       My amazing district. Hardest thing in the world to say goodbye to them!
Elder Afu told me I looked like a cancer patient. This was the heart monitor I was stuck wearing for two days

The infamous, "lets point to where we're going" picture. Elder Sessions, Hermana White, and I are pointing at Mesa and then everyone else is going to Argentina! I secretly hope they don't quite have their visas yet when I get back so I can see them! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4th week already?!?!?!


Holy Batman it's week 4 already! I leave the 23rd and am soooo excited! Easter was amazing! We had the Presiding Bishop come, Elder Causse, and then SHERI DEW! She´s now my hero. She is amazing. The days are so long here but the weeks fly by. There just isn´t enough time to do everything. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary though. I´m finally getting into the groove of missionary work and this is by FAR the BEST decision I have ever made. I have grown and learned so much already and am truly developing a deep appreciation for the gospel, The Book of Mormon, and my Savior. The Atonement can lift us all up and make us whole. Any weakness you may have can be made into a strength through the Atonement. What an amazing and loving gift from our Savior, Jesus Christ.
My spanish is getting a little better. Last week was very frustrating and I felt like I was plateauing, and I was really struggling. I has to humble myself and really pour my heart out to the Lord for strength and this week has been amazing.
I love love love love being a missionary and feel so blessed to be part of the work rolling forward :) I love you all and hope all is well!

Upward and Onward, Con Amor

Hermana Clark