Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update :)

Hola everyone!

 Well in case you've seen my wobblin' around Blackfoot, I am home. BUT I am only home for about two weeks. Being me, I let myself get dehydrated and then had a fall and hit my head really hard and have a major concussion that is going to take a few weeks to heal from. The MTC isn't really a place for healing, and so i'm home to sleep, A Lot. All is well though and i'll hopefully be back ASAP!
 In the meantime while i'm laying in bed feeling completely unproductive, I thought i'd share some pictures of my amazing district that became mi familia :)

 this is the lovely curling iron burn I received from trying to iron my shirt..on...with a curling iron

Saturday morning conference! Hermana White on the far left was my companion and then me, Hermana Andreason (who also has a concussion) and Hermana Snow
 Elder Sessions Hermana White (my companion) and me. Don't mind my sickly appearance, I went to the ER right after this jajaja
                       My amazing district. Hardest thing in the world to say goodbye to them!
Elder Afu told me I looked like a cancer patient. This was the heart monitor I was stuck wearing for two days

The infamous, "lets point to where we're going" picture. Elder Sessions, Hermana White, and I are pointing at Mesa and then everyone else is going to Argentina! I secretly hope they don't quite have their visas yet when I get back so I can see them! 


  1. So happy you are healing up!!!! The curling iron burn cracked me something I would do!!!! Hugs to you! May the Lord bless you with strength and remember to feed yourself!!! Jesus is the bread of life, but not always LITERALLY! ;)

  2. Lexi,
    Have you always been this clutzy? I'm sure I would have remembered if you had. Hmmmm, maybe you'll have to share Abbie's nickname: Crash.
    Love you tons! Rest up!