Monday, June 10, 2013

My crazy week!

P day is so busy so sorry that I can't even think straight. My companion and I are sitting here reflecting how awkward our week was we went to a house to see a Hispanic lady that ended up being the house of a very large angry man, with the biggest and scariest dogs I’ve ever seen, that informed us we woke him from his well-deserved nap.
Then we met two men in Wal-Mart today that said they worry a lot, they asked about sex with Mormon women, and then talked about maybe they can convince Mormons to buy stuff from them. Then two families were home and wouldn't answer their doors (we could hear them talking). I lost my planner. A crazy anti-Mormon man came in and was speaking gibberish and shouting “repent ye deceivers!” the police came for this young man. A man called asking 1000 times if elderly people in electric scooters can work in the temple (how would I know?).  ANGRY BIRDS! There was a real life Angry Birds game going on in a home and the little boy threw one at my companion’s head! A bird pooped on a guy yesterday. A homeless woman came in and started crying because she didn't want to be pimped out. There are three large cats that look like they ate a small child that scare me to death. Then last night we went to find a referral and the other missionaries showed up and we all stood there awkwardly and confused not knowing whose house we were both at. Then a drunken man came up to me and started complimenting my looks and I had to get my companion to help me and then he wanted to be taught, but he kept talking about how beautiful we were.

Oh man that's the mission life right there!


With love - upward and onward,

Hermana Clark 

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